Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Climate Ride 2011 Passes Through Princeton

(The post below is from 2009. Climate Ride came through town this past Friday. I saw they had their tents pitched at the YMCA, but didn't have my camera. Saturday they biked to Philadelphia. You can read their daily accounts here.)

What is a tent village doing in the YMCA field? My daughter wanted to know. We stopped to inquire, and learned that Climate Ride was coming through town. Bicyclists, including a family with an eight year old, rode yesterday from New York City to Princeton, on their way to Washington, D.C. via Philadelphia.

The purpose of the ride is to draw attention to the need to confront the increasing impact of climate change on spaceship earth. They have a website, climateride.org, that includes live feeds of the five day journey.

Long before there were cars, Princeton served just as it is now for the bikers, as a rest stop halfway between NY and Philadelphia.