Friday, August 19, 2016

A Rare Curbside Sighting

A surprisingly rare sight in front of our house is this trash can. Every month or so, if that, and on the small side--32 gallon capacity. Why it's so slow to fill is nothing we've kept track of, but likely has to do with a habit of thought that everything has a place--usually some place other than the trash can. By the time most items have landed in the recycling bin, or the kitchen counter compost bucket, or the plastic bag full of plastic bags to head to McCaffery's, or has been put out on the curb for reuse or scrap, there just isn't much left.

This blog post might more appropriately have a photo not of the trash can but of an empty, clean curb, for it's absence from the curb most weeks is what's most worthy of note. A lot of environmentalism has to do with seeing the significance in what is nowhere to be seen.

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