Friday, November 16, 2007

Green Home and Garden Tour

Information and a map for this Saturday's free tour can be found by going to and clicking on Nov. 17 on the calendar.
My backyard is one of the stops on the tour. For anyone wishing to overcome procrastination on multiple backyard projects, there's nothing like periodically inviting the public in to have a look.
I'm calling my stop on the tour "Conservation Without Deprivation". It will feature varied low-cost strategies to lower the carbon footprint of a home, garden and community. Small, ongoing changes in landscape and lifestyle can yield big results.

  • Solar living without solar panels
  • Energy monitors to help identify unnecessary energy consumption
  • Manipulating rainwater runoff for a drier basement and greener garden
  • Gardening without fertilizer and (mostly) without weeds
  • No-work composting
  • “Heron-Certified” miniponds (a heron came by one day to eat the goldfish)
  • Low energy, non-toxic ways to battle invasions of bamboo and ivy
  • Integrating autumn leaves into the backyard landscape

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