Thursday, June 03, 2010

Primary Election Choices for Princetonians

A great surprise came yesterday when I, likely a typical Princeton resident who has paid little attention to the upcoming primary, decided to google information about who is running in next Tuesday's election. Google always comes through, I thought, but in this case I found nothing.

What followed was a call to the Mercer County Clerk to the Board, who referred me to the Superintendent of Elections office, which referred me to the County Clerk, who confirmed that there is NO INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET about who is running or what their views and records are, other than what is generated by the candidates themselves and whatever newspaper articles one might eventually be able to dig up.

The clerk kindly sent me an email with info about what choices I might face in the voting booth, but to learn about their positions on issues I was encouraged to seek out their respective websites. Seems harder than it should be.

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