Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Poem of the Puzzled Bottletop Recycler

Conflicting information flows freely about whether plastic bottletops are recyclable. Thus far, what's clear is that rumors on the subject can be recycled indefinitely. Logic suggests that if the ring that the top was connected to is recycled, then the top must be recyclable as well. Others say that the rings and tops are taken off at the plastics recycling plant, but it's not clear if they get recycled or landfilled. One lively notion has it that the tops, screwed tightly back on empty bottles, fly off with explosive force when machines compress the bottles into bundles for shipping. The latest I heard, during our tour of the sorting plant, is that the plastic bottle tops fall through the sorting equipment and end up in the garbage. You can put them in anyway, but they may not find a future use.

Thus, a poem:

They recycle me.
They recycle me not.
They recycle me!
They recycle me not!!
They recycle me................................


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