Friday, April 19, 2013

A Compelling A Capella

Princeton Preview is part of the pre-induction seduction process wherein a university like Princeton invites prospective incoming students to spend a couple days and nights on campus, to get a feel for the place. Along with a chance to sit in on classes, various arts performances play a big role, including some impressive a Capella groups. Though I'm not being actively recruited for the class of 2017, I managed to catch a spirited and moving performance by the Roaring 20, one of many groups on campus. They've got the bounce, the feel, and the voices to fill the room and get all those harmonies to resonate just right. It's a pleasure to hear music unglazed by amplification.

In the photo, they're singing the school's Alma Mater, "Old Nassau Hall"--a melody built not so much to soar as to carry an overflow of reverence.

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 20, the Red Hot and Blue coed a Capella group from Yale comes to town for a 12:30pm performance at the public library.

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