Wednesday, May 08, 2013

OnStage Tonight at Arts Council, 7:30

I'm posting this too late for most people to react, but   wanted to mention this community theater group composed of New Jersians 55 and up. Though it was founded six years ago, a number of us joined this past fall, bringing the number in the troupe to 16.
The subtitle of the OnStage group is "The public face of positive aging through theater.", which if interpreted mischievously might imply that theater makes one age, albeit in a positive way.

My first experience with acting came years ago when I threw my back out, whereupon I immediately began exhibiting the mannerisms of someone many decades my senior. It all came so naturally, I figured I must have talent. The nice thing about acting is that one can travel in time, depicting someone older or younger, and not need to throw out the back in order to do so.

Tonight's show, also performed two weekends ago at Passage Theatre in Trenton, is called You Win Some, You Lose Some. Our promo describes it this way: "Based on interviews by and with NJ seniors, the performances reflect the triumphs and challenges, successes and setbacks that come with aging. Performances are followed by lively discussions on issues raised by the narratives."

The performances, then, are a "giving back" of stories people in the community have shared with us. Tickets are $10 for Arts Council members, $12 general admission.

Here's more info about the group, where we perform, contact info, and our director who works improbable magic upon our capacity to portray characters.

"OnStage, founded in 2007, promotes original theater that focuses on senior experiences in central New Jersey —and what that means for all of us. Our scripts are gathered from interviews within the community and returned to the community through performances under the direction of Adam Immerwahr, Associate Producer at McCarter Theatre and Resident Director at Passage Theatre. The sixteen members of OnStage perform at theaters, libraries, schools, hospitals, and senior centers. For information about how OnStage might work for your organization, contact (609) 924-5782 or (609) 921-2820."

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