Friday, November 01, 2013

To Pave or Not To Pave

Having watched a few baseball games over the years, I had come to believe that it's over when it's over. This looks over to me. The American Water Company proactively replaced an old water line in our neighborhood, then laid down a nice patch along the middle of the street--a street that looked to otherwise be in good condition. The street, like a dental patient, had received a filling. There seemed no need for an expensive crown.

But no, I was wrong. It's not really over until the fat lady sings, in this case the fat lady that chomps a few inches of asphalt off the street.

The fat lady, being a primadonna, brought her whole weighty entourage,

some of whom looked like they hadn't changed much since World War II.

After a couple days of hefty labor and ponderous groan, they moved on, leaving a gloriously paved street in their wake. Beautifully done, and looking at it from the narrow perspective of a neigborhood, it's pleasing to have it done. American Water says it's all part of replacing the water lines. But taking a larger view, surely there are streets elsewhere, crumbling, plagued with potholes, in greater need of care. If most teeth can function long and well with minor patching, then why not streets? At least on the surface, it seems like a big production for little gain. I know not why the fat lady sings.

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