Monday, December 02, 2013

Easy Fix For a Broken Zipper

Another post from our repair empowerment team:
When my daughter needed a new backpack for school, she wanted one similar to her older sister's, but the online store was out of the desired color. The internet had failed us, but the local Kurbside Kmart came through. With uncanny serendipity, a backpack with the same make and desired color appeared on the curb just around the corner from our house. It looked fine, but we soon discovered a problem. One of the zippers wouldn't zip. The teeth didn't close behind the zipper but remained open.

I went to our handy local Sew Vac Center (three blocks away at the Princeton Shopping Center) and bought a zipper and some thread. While searching the web for insights into hand-sewing zippers (a daunting task), I came across a youtube video that showed how to fix the old one. One well-aimed squeeze of the pliers was all it took to make the zipper work like new again. I made this simple fix several weeks ago, and the zipper is still working.

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