Friday, August 01, 2014

Free Concerts at Pettoranello Gardens

People are starting to discover the hidden concerts in the hidden Pettoranello Gardens in Princeton. Twice a year, those of us who stay in town for the summer are rewarded by free infusions of world music put on by Blue Curtain. The second (and last) concert is this Saturday, August 2, beginning at 7pm.

The concert two Saturdays ago featured Cuartetango, a New York-based string quartet that plays Argentine tangos, led by the son of a violinist who performed with famed Argentine composer Astor Piazzola.

Such a pleasure to sit on the grass, music wafting across the park, cloud patterns above on a perfect summer evening.

Adonis Puentes followed up with his salsa band as the sun set over nearby Mountain Lakes. The contagious rhythm and bon ami stage presence of Puentes quickly filled the outdoor dance floor.

After all of these years, I've finally figured out why it's call Blue Curtain.

Stage lighting made the tent for the band photogenic as well.

Blue Curtain has a facebook page, and another concert coming up
this Saturday, with the first group performing at 7pm. Performers are Awa Sangho and Noura Mint Seymali. You can usually google the names to find youtube videos, to get a sense of their music.

Here's a post about a previous performance, in which a tempestuous performance by saxophonist Oliver Lake was finally enveloped by a real tempest. Very exciting.

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