Friday, November 07, 2014

Que soLar, soLar

After this week's election, which put the Que sera, sera, climate denying, out-of-control Party firmly in control of Congress, I remembered a brighter moment a month ago, walking by my neighbor's house, where light is more welcome than in the political process. The finances of solar energy in NJ are such that the installation required no money down, followed by lower energy bills.

Then, a chance encounter yesterday with the tail end of a radio program called Onpoint, and a discussion of climate change with just the right potion of urgency, objectivity and good old American can-do spirit. By the end of the program, it seemed possible that all those backfiring cash-for-clunkers just elected will be rendered irrelevant by a stampede of enlightened action. And Doris Day will return to sing to Congress:

Que soLAR, soLAR,
The future is ours, you see.
As long as we're carbon free.
Que soLAR, soLAR.

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