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Sign Up for OASIS Solar Jam--Kids in Grades 3-8

Kids in grades 3-8 are encouraged to participate in a Solar Jam next month, by designing and building "anything that uses the sun". There are two events: a Solar Car Race and a "Photon Fair".

Very cool. Organized by OASIS (Organizing Action on Sustainability in Schools) and funded by PSEG. Register by May 1. Event is May 16.

More info below:

SolarJam 2015 May 16, 11-2pm
* You must pre-Register by May 1: [
 Contact person for questions and/or to volunteer is: Andrew Lloyd
Event Basics:
1. Event to be held at the outdoor tennis facility at Princeton High
School on Saturday 11-2pm on
May 16th; Rain Date the next day, Sunday May 17th
2. Two age divisions: Lower (K-5) and Middle (6-8)
3. Two events: Solar Car Race and open “Photon Fair”
4. This is a No/Low Waste Event. Water Fountains are available inside the
building. A
small complimentary refreshment (like an ice cream cone) may be available
participating students, but as far as lunch/snack items people are welcome
bring their own food.
5. Each team must have at least one registered adult as on-site chaperone
Car Race:
1. Materials: must use the stock panel and motor from either PITSCO or
(see links below)
2. Vehicle must carry an empty soda can, with its tab intact, as its cargo
3. Vehicles will race along wires .” from the ground – Therefore
vehicles must have
eyelets or other method attached either on their underside or at their
sides, for wire to pass through.
4. Teams can use the kit to build the vehicle (see links) or create their
own body – as
long as it satisfies #1 and #2 above.
5. Teams can devise vehicles that can easily have panels placed and
removed, so that
panels can be shared while practicing and during race.
6. Vehicles must pass a “Drop Test” from 12 inches off of the ground.
Vehicle must
stay intact with motor and panel and all parts during test. Contestants
are responsible for conducting their own tests, but race officials may ask
to observe.
7. The vehicle will start from behind the starting line with all wheels
touching the
track. The solar panel will be completely shaded by a supplied opaque
material cover held above the panel by a team member. When the MC signals
the start of the race, the team member will remove the cover so the panel
will be exposed to sunlight. Once the judge starts the race, team members
cannot touch the car or guide wire until the race is final and vehicles
are asked to clear the track by the MC. If a car is touched after the
start of the race and it moves, it will count as a disqualification.
8. In both Lower and Middle divisions, awards will be presented for 1st,
2nd and 3rd
place, as well as Most Innovative Use of Alternate/Recycled Materials
Registering and Grant Opportunity: Event is May 16, deadline for
registration is May 1. Schools can receive up to $100 in funding, but must
submit receipts on race day.
Links for Car parts and build info:
(link to kit and individual parts) ( for panel only)
(to buy just the standard “280” motor). (link to kit and individual
parts) (Link to the existing Junior Solar Sprint
National events’ page, with good design and build resources)
“P h o t o n   F a i r ”
1. This is an Open opportunity to present anything a student or team has
devised that
derives its form and/or function from the Sun.
2. Each individual or team will be provided a table or suitable spot to
present their
3. At least one member of the team should be on hand to demonstrate and
discuss the
4. Suggestions for projects include but are not limited to:
solar water heating, solar ovens, sundials, the use of light, color and
shadow in solar art, etc.
Registering and Grant Opportunity: Event is May 16, deadline for
registration is May 1. Schools can receive up to $30 in funding, but must
submit all receipts on the SolarJam day.

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