Friday, May 08, 2015

Monday Council Discussion of Solid Waste Issues with PEC

"Solid waste" really should be called "solid opportunities", because there are ways to save money and reduce the town's negative environmental impact if we get better at keeping compostables and recyclables out of the trash, and leaves out of the street. Come to this Monday's council meeting, which starts at 7pm, to lend your support for giving these issues the attention they deserve.

The Princeton Environmental Commission (PEC) will be on the Council agenda this Monday, May 11, to discuss waste issues with the Town, including many recommendations involving a single-use bag fee, leaf management, composting, government priorities and enforcement, etc.


SFB said...

Can you give us a preview of what specific ideas are going to be suggested? I support the plastic bag fee, but I don't think there is an ordinance yet. The other stuff, I am not clear what is being proposed.

Steve Hiltner said...

I'm not clear on that either. Various approaches to managing leaves and brush have been proposed, including one that used to be a "page" on this website, but which I can't get to show for some technical reason.