Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Citizens All, Vote This November 3rd!!

This is important, but its kind of a secret. Whisper this to your friends: There's a stealth election coming up on Nov. 3, and though no governor, senator or president is on the ballet, there's enough on the line to make it worth going to the voting booth on November 3.

Princetonians assume that the only politician representing them that poo poos climate change is Governor Christie. Not so.

In addition to the governor, our current representatives in the NJ state general assembly, think that climate change isn't a big deal and can wait. Unfortunately, the sort of stubborn resistance to overwhelming evidence that leads to this profoundly irresponsible position is broadly enforced within the Republican Party, and that's what Princeton currently is represented by in the 16th legislative district. That leaves the Democratic candidates, Andrew Zwicker and Maureen Vella, if one wants representatives who understand the serious threat human-caused climate change poses.

According to a article, no Democrat has been elected in the 16th district (I only know we're in the 16th legislative district because my 15 year old daughter is working for one of the campaigns--guess which) since 1976.

During redistricting in 2011, Democrats added Princeton to the district to try to swing it to the Democrats, without success thus far. The colored portions of the map show the seahorse shape of the district, with Princeton the green at the bottom.

The expected low voter turnout makes each vote all the more important.

Though I tried without success to find any statements by our current representatives (there are two representing us in the state legislature) on the danger posed by climate change, you can check out a video of the debate between the four candidates here.

Three school board members will also be elected, chosen from four candidates.

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