Monday, April 18, 2016

A Week Bursting With Events and Tree Metaphors

Princeton's always bursting with brain food, but coming days are remarkable. Feast, yee who can break minds and schedules free.

Monday, April 18
McCarter Theater, free symposium, The Ground On Which We Stand
Princeton Public Libary, 4pm -- I'm a Good Person, Isn't that enough? Author of Waking Up White
Toni Morrison Lectures, 5:30 -- In Praise--and Dread--of Trees

Tuesday, April 19
Arts Council, 7pm -- Tracy K. Smith, Pulitzer Prize winning poet reads from "Ordinary Light: A Memoir". (She played the role of interlocutor at remarkable, transformative recent events, a performance by Flexn, and a viewing at the Garden Theater of a documentary of poet Robert Bly.)

And on through the week at the library in the evening, with PBS's Warren Zanes Wednesday, the author of "Democracy for Realists: Why Elections Do Not Produce Responsive Government" on Thursday. Friday at 6:30 there's a film on autism produced by Princeton residents Roland and Pam Machold, who also helped bring about a film on Marquand Park, and on Sunday at 2pm, Princeton author and historian Clifford Zink tells the story of "Mercer Magic and the Story of America's First Sports Car".

The film about Marquand Park, shown at the recent Princeton Environmental Film Festival, is said to be on youtube, but all I could find thus far is a preview shot from a drone rising high over the park. 

April 26, Labyrinth Bookstore on Nassau Street -- Rootedness, the Ramifications of a Metaphor

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