Sunday, October 15, 2017

Science and Social Issues Come Together in "Paradise"

Update: If you missed Paradise at Passage Theatre, you can catch it at the Luna Stage in East Orange in November. Might even be accessible by train.

Some of the most moving theater I've witnessed has been at Passage Theatre in Trenton. This coming weekend's the last for a play I'm being urged to see, partly because science is in the mix. The science of romantic love, the muslim experience in America--along with the good reviews from friends, it looks like a trip to Trenton somewhere between this coming Friday and Sunday, Oct. 20-22. Go to for more information. There's a writeup at this link.

Two outsiders – a gifted Muslim-American teenager and her disgraced biology teacher – form an unlikely partnership to research first love. Science, religion, and exploitation are all fair game as both lives change forever.
The urgings from friends:
"If you go to the play at Passage this weekend, you won't be disappointed. It combines social issues with science issue, and is really well done. Passage is not allowed to have newspaper reviews--some contractual agreement--so word of mouth and blog reviews are key."
"It is first of all about the relationship between a teacher and a student and how science is done. It is also a sensitive presentation of Islam and the struggles believers face in America."

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