Sunday, March 11, 2012

Southern Comfort--Passing Pleasure, Long Hangover

New Jersey is in its thirteenth warmer than normal month in a row. Averaged over the past three decades, March's high temperatures for Princeton would typically go from 46 at the beginning of the month to 56 at the end. By contrast, the 10-day forecast for the middle of the month this year is for days in the 60s and 70s--ten to twenty degrees above normal.

NJ state climatologist David Robinson posts periodic updates on weather trends. February was about 5 degrees above the average for the past thirty years, and was the fifth warmest February since records began being kept back in 1895.

I'm taking advantage of the warm weather, but also know that this southern comfort could bring with it a very long and beastly hangover come summer, and an even longer, perhaps permanent hangover if we can't find less climate-changing ways to live.

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