Friday, March 23, 2012

Journey of the Recyclables--Mercer County's Electronics Day

The semi-annual journey to the Mercer County electronics recycling event on March 10 went even more smoothly than usual, thanks to some luck of the Irish.

There was no line to wait in, apparently due to a St. Patrick's Day parade in Hamilton that had drawn many wouldbe recyclers away. I was tempted to head over to the parade with my green pickup and join in, my payload of vintage electronics serving as a makeshift float. All I would have needed was someone to sit on top of the computer monitors and wave proudly to the crowds. Few people know that St. Patrick was one of the great recyclers of his day. Of course, in the pre-industrial age, just about everyone was a great recycler without thinking twice about it.

With a combination of contributions from friends and curbside rescues, our contribution to the county's haul for the day added up to

Five computer monitors
Four televisions
Three lazer printers
Two printer/scanners
One toaster oven
And a harddrive in a pear tree.

I forget where they said the electronics are taken for recycling, but it sounded like somewhere in NJ.

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