Sunday, September 02, 2012

Potts Park Picnic Labor Day

Potts Park, the pocket park off of Franklin near Harrison St, is a little known Borough park that, among other things, serves as a final destination for plastic cars wishing to spend their last years surrounded by adoring children.
 This one is either a segway or half the go-cart it used to be.
One design flaw in the park is that the water fountain is located close to the sandbox. The children love to clog the fountain's drain, to the endless delight of maintenance personnel. Sand and water--if kids can't go to the beach or explore a local creek, they'll make an approximation in the local park.

Twice a year, on Labor Day and Memorial Day, neighbors gravitate to the park for a potluck picnic, starting around 5:30pm. Given that it's not clear where our neighborhood starts or ends, assume that you're welcome to come. The park is at the corner of Tee-Ar Place and Erdmann.

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