Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Lonely Hoop Flies the Coop

There once was a hoop
That had flown the coop,
Having lost its support
Through no fault of its own.

It came to a halt
On some nearby asphalt,
Seeming destined
Too live out its life all alone.

It stayed on the street
Without any feet,
Ignored by the trashman
For reasons unknown.

Until one day,
Just two blocks away
A stand appeared--
What a suitable throne!

Could two has-been losers add up to a win?
Dare two tubby plastics harbor hope so thin?
For a town's endless waste,
Could this marriage atone?

Alas there are laws
That scuttle the cause.
Square peg, round hole.
A matchmaker's dream....has flown.

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