Friday, October 05, 2012

University Shuttles and Some Parking Open to the Public

If you're taking the train to New York, Trenton or Philadelphia over the weekend, it's good to know that the university parking structure down behind the Dinky is open and free to the public on weekends, and on weekdays after 5pm. It can be accessed from Faculty Drive. One little-mentioned benefit of moving the Dinky station 460 feet is that it will then be right next to the parking garage, which will also be more easily accessed from the west side of town, thanks to a new connection to Alexander. Not a thought to warm a romantic's heart, but it doesn't hurt to point out the utilitarian advantages.

In addition, Princeton University's Tiger Transit shuttle buses are open to all, students and locals alike, 24/7, no questions asked. A look at the live "Tiger Tracker" shows where the buses are at any particular moment, and where they go, which includes Forrestal Village and a stop very close to the shopping center where Whole Foods and Staples are, out on Route 1.

Another great free service is the Princeton Borough's Free B shuttle, which runs mornings and evenings on weekdays, between the Dinky Station and the corner of Harrison and Hamilton. It's schedule is located here. Map of stops is here. I thought it had expanded its service to include Princeton Shopping Center, but don't see that on the schedule.

It takes some studying of the schedules, and some conscious attempt to change the tempo of one's day to make use of the shuttles, but it's worth a try. The drivers could use some company.

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