Thursday, January 22, 2015

Using Parks To Demonstrate Best Practices for Leaf Management

How do we reduce parks maintenance costs, energy consumption and street mess in Princeton? The Princeton Environmental Commission has been recommending for years that people make simple leaf corrals to put leaves into in the fall. These sorts of corrals are used in New York's Central Park, and I've seen them in Paris.

Scarsdale, NY has a helpful video showing another way to effectively process leaves on-site in town parks: mulch mowing.

Princeton could easily and economically be using its parks to demonstrate these methods, rather than, as was seen this past fall at Barbara Sigmund Park, bringing in heavy machinery to gather leaves up and haul them away. All this extra work is being seen at a time when parks maintenance is reportedly understaffed. All the more reason for Princeton's parks to be demonstrating best practices for utilizing leaves on-site.

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