Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Favorite Granola Discontinued

As if life was in danger of making too much sense, now they've gone and discontinued my favorite granola at the local health food store. PLU 10136, better known as Honey Gone Nuts, will soon be gone forever. I've tried all the others, but it's not the same. None has that special mix of bounce and balance, that combination of contagious spirit and low saturated fat. Honey Gone Nuts made me feel like I could let go and explore my wild side while eating breakfast. The times we had together, there at the breakfast table, with that old sidekick Coffee!

Honey Gone Nuts had a stubborn side, to be sure. Due to some innate sticktoitiveness, it would often refuse to come out of the bulk container's spigot, necessitating a firm pat on the side to jar loose the contents. An employee had shown me the sweet spot, which, if properly struck, would set the contents to flowing. It was this inside knowledge that added to our special relationship.

I worried sometimes that other customers with less initiative and understanding might be missing out on this blissful marriage of honey and nuts. And sure enough, that's why it is being discontinued. The stuff wasn't selling, the manager told me. Well of course it wasn't. Evidently, no one but I knew how to get it out of the container! I blame myself. I should have been more proactive, lobbied for special instructions to be provided, with a big "X" on the container's side saying "Strike here".

But I didn't, and events have unfolded just as that little worry in the back of my mind suggested they could. As goes Honey Gone Nuts, so may go many worthy inventions for lack of promotion, songs left unsung for lack of a voice, solutions not given a fair shake, thoughts unwritten because no one could find the words. Honey Gone Nuts demanded more patience, more perseverance than the world was willing to give. And now it's gone. Nuts!

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